The Youngest Senator Reacts To Niger Delta Ex Militant’s Threat To Disrupt 2019 Election

*The youngest Senator reacts to Niger Delta Ex militant's threat to disrupt 2019 election* While I was growing up, I understood the value of tr

James Useghan’s Foray Into Politics

*The youngest Senator reacts to Niger Delta Ex militant’s threat to disrupt 2019 election*

While I was growing up, I understood the value of trust. I knew if my father carried and jokingly threw me up, he would catch me in the air without letting my body touch the ground. That is the pinnacle of trust.

I related with him on the premise of that assurance, I was certain he won’t let me fall. But assuming he had chosen not to catch me up one or two times and I hit the ground like a bag of cement thrown from the lorry, the trust I repose in him will abruptly vanish into the thin air.

The moment we are unable to hold people by their words, the issue of trust becomes a word that only exist in the dictionary. Integrity fades like darkness in the day. Trust is a strong cord that bind people together in unity. It is a platform upon which fair compromise stand. Once trust is lost, compromise seems unfair.

When I read the lament of the aggrieved Ex militant in Ilaje and Ese-Odo Local Government Areas of Ondo State who threatened to recover their arms and return to the creeks where they belong, if the government failed to redeem her pledge immediately, one thing ring incessantly on my mind – trust has been lost.

The government has reneged on her promise to incorporate and integrate them, they are naturally bound to rage with threat, since it’s a universal truth that, when people are denied the life they deserve, becoming an outlaw is inevitable. We cannot over look and allow this adversary to rise the second time.

As much as we earnestly wait on the government to do the needful by fulfilling her promises that propelled these individuals to surrender their arms, we should also understand that peace is sacrosanct. We should not trade the comfort of eating, sleeping and working peacefully in the neighborhood for the strife of the jungle. I believe our prayers can be answered without resolving to violence.

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Empathetically, I understand that an idle, jobless, hungry and penniless man is bound to react vehemently. Then, we must consider our loved ones, most especially posterity that will suffer severely the consequences of our actions. In such a critical situation like this, wisdom is profitable to direct.

On this note, I hereby call on the government to rise up to action to salvage the situation before it grows beyond redemption. These argitators need to enjoy the fruit of their soil. An idle hand is the devil’s workshop. The government should provide sustainable employment through integration of the ex militants into the amnesty programme.

Fundamental amenities should be provided with robust health care system. Importantly, profound education policy Should be institutionalized to accommodate the militants and to reintegrate them into the larger society.

James Useghan
Senatorial Candidate of Ondo South.