James Useghan’s Foray Into Politics

James Useghan's foray into politics Every individual has the right to contest and be voted for any given election in the country. In the past,

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James Useghan's Foray Into Politics

James Useghan’s foray into politics

Every individual has the right to contest and be voted for any given
election in the country. In the past, young Nigerians have shied away from
this responsibility, leaving it in the hands of the elderly people, who have refused to leave the stage for the younger generation.

In Nigeria, there is an individual, who has been in almost all the past governments over the years and currently, he is a serving minister with the Buhari-led administration.

In developed countries, young people are in position of authority in their
various countries they are: Emmanuel Macron (39 years), President of France, 2. Saleh Ali al-Sammad (38 years), President of the Supreme Political Council of Yemen, Emil Dimitriev (38), Acting Prime Minister of the Republic of Macedonia, Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck (37 years), Druk Gyapol (King of Bhutan), Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani (36
years), Emir of Qatar, Vaness D’Ambrosio (29 years), Captain Regent of San Marino. One begins to wonder why Nigeria and other African countries have
leaders who are in their 70s or 80s as presidents.

James Useghan's Foray Into Politics

Recently, the “Not Too Young to Run Bill” was signed by the National Assembly after much protests from youths across the country. The bill which will enable young Nigerians contest for any political office of their choice.

In the private sector, there are a number of youths who have excelled in
their various professions and there can’t be an exception when they venture
into politics. They will surely make an impact as more youths have publicly
declared their intentions to run for various political posts ventured.

Recently, a clarion call was made to James Useghan, musician, media expert
and founder of First Massive Litterati (FML), a non-partisan group that seeks for an egalitarian and just society not only for the people of Ondo State but Nigeria as a whole.

After much deliberations and consultations from family members, mentors, Useghan gave his consent to the clarion call to vie for the senatorial
position in Ondo South Local Government Area.

The young and energetic man says if it is the will of God that he should go
into politics, so be it. But he is not desperate about it. He believes he is a solution provider from his corner irrespective of the position that he
finds himself. He does not need the help of the government to start solving
problems from his sphere of influence. But if he is needed, he will gladly do the needful to help the country just as he is doing at the moment.

The vibrant and optimistic young man is in touch with his people and the yearning of the people is a major concern for him.

From all indications, a lot of youths are conscious of what is at stake. They are no longer ready to compromise themselves and be used as stooges by

If the election will be free and fair, the youths will take charge and would win the election.

He recalls an individual saying on national television that if you don’t
have money, you cannot go into politics. He has rephrased it; “a poor man has no role to play in politics”. This statement from this elderly man got
him really thinking about the financial quagmire that youths are facing.

Over 75% of our youths are stooges. How can youths that can barely feed three times in a day, participate in politics? But to every challenge, there is a beginning towards providing a lasting solution. It is a process that when we unify to do, we shall conquer this financial quest. The youths need to form a strong alliance to pull through this menace. Donate as low as 100naira as the case may be to support a credible
candidate to take the lead. This practical application with an unbiased mind can make the true change that a nation seeks.

Nigerian youths should vote people with integrity and pedigree and not people with questionable characters in the coming general elections for the country.